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Consumables – Hoses & Fittings

Multi Torque Industries stock a range of hose and fittings for specialist applications from food grade hose and fittings used in the wine industry to explosive delivery hoses used in the mining industry. These specialist hoses have a reputation for meeting the required standards and being able to perform in their given application. Multi Torque Industries hose and fitting range has been chosen to provide reliability and maximum service life.

Density Cup

Stainless Steel Bucket

Spatula for Density Cup

Hose Fittings

Industrial Hoses

Corrugated Stainless Steel Hoses & Fittings

Camlock Safety Clips

Water Detecting Measuring Tape – measures the depth of water in drill holes

Safety Equipment & Eye Wash

Multi Torque Industries can supply a comprehensive range of emergency showers and eye wash stations which are made of high quality stainless steel and durable plastic materials for a long and dependable life.

Download the Product Information PDF HERE

Combo Shower & Eye/Face Wash Station

Pedestal Eye/Face Wash Station

Aerostream Single Nozzle

Aerostream Triple Nozzle

Wall Mounted Eye Wash Bowl

Wall Mounted Triple Eye/Face Wash

Portable Eye and Body Wash 45L Available in 250ml, 9L, & 106L

Gravity Fed Portable Eye Wash 35L

Gravity Fed Portable Eye Wash 55L

Thermal Covers



Shower Spare Parts – Check out the PDF for more information

Ultra Sidewinder – Protects cords & cables & avoids dangerous tripping hazards

Exclusive flexible design in different sizes to cover extension cords, air hoses, garden hoses, large industrial cables.

Spill Containment Systems

Multi Torque Industries can supply an extensive product range of containment solutions to safely store, handle and transport chemicals or hazardous substances.

Download the Product Information PDF HERE

Drum Spill Pallet – available in different sizes – built for heavy loads – compatible with a broad range of chemicals including acids and corrosives

Containment Trays – versatile for small containers and packages

Spill Collectors – provides maximum protection for the inner drum. Available in different models and optional dolly

Hard Top Plus – provides outdoor weather resistant storage for drum/s.

Hard Top Plus – provides outdoor weather resistant storage for IBC Containers

Steel – storage container for drums and IBC pallets.

IBC Spill Pallets – Economical and portable containment for IBCs. Available in a variety of sizes.

Drum Rack Systems – Polyethylene drum racks capture spills to keep your workplace clean and safe. They are stackable.


Gas & LNG


Water & Civil




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