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Easy Slot System

The Easy Slot system has been designed to replace the burn cut blast or raise bore that is performed after the backfill operation. The Easy Slot is installed prior to the commencement of the back filling operation and forms a void around which the back fill is then installed.

There are significant advantages to the Easy Slot system these are;

  • The void created is 25% larger than a 600mm diameter raise bore and comparable burn cut blast. Thus the first production blast is more effective.
  • The installation time is half a shift or less, reducing the production cycle by more than a week.
  • The installed cost of the void created is significantly less than raise bore and less than burn cut blast (typically >75% cost saving).

The Easy Slot system is made up of modules these modules, each module is 2.4 meters long the modules are joined together to meet the required length of the rise.

Fig 1 – Three Easy Slot Modules

The modules are laid along the ground in the roadway adjacent to the rise. The modules are fitted with anchor points to allow the modules to be strung together and located into the rise. The anchor points of each module are detailed in fig 2.

Fig 2 – Rope anchor conduits

The points allow for rope up to an 18mm in diameter to be threaded through each module. There are 40 lugs on each module. In practice only the lugs on opposite sides are used.

The anchor ropes are threaded through each module connecting the modules together. The ropes are then joined at the bottom and top ends. The modules should not be face to face, rather a gap is required to allow enough slack rope between modules to allow the modules move freely as they are being lifted or lowered into position.

Figure 3 – Gaps required between modules when anchor ropes in place (NB figure shows different foam style modules).

The total gap across all the modules needs to be 500mm or greater.  A larger gap will not adversely affect the installation.


The Easy Slot modules each weigh 14.7Kg and can be supplied either assembled or in flat pack form or fully assembled. Assembled 6 units can be transported in a double pallet space (2400x1200x1800) or in flat pack form 50 units can be transported in the same space.


The modules can be stored outside however if being stored for extended periods the modules should be covered to prevent U/V degradation. Thought should be given to secure the modules from strong winds in open areas.


Manual Handling – Care should be taken to ensure the area is clear of obstacles and the ground is even and clear of trip hazards. This is important as although the Easy Slot modules are relatively light there size may restrict the view of the ground while being manually handled.

Machine Handling – The modules are easily handled with fork lift, crane or similar machine. Each of the anchor conduits is rated to carry the suspend load of the Module. Care should be taken to ensure modules are secured during transport.

Easy Slot Module
Dimensions 2400mm (L) 600mm (W) 600mm (H)
Weight 14.7Kg
Volume per lineal meter 0.36m3
Anchor Rope
Diameter 12mm
Breaking Strength 1500Kg


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Water & Civil




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